Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Proposed Enhancements for the CARE E-Filing System

We had a great turnout for our E-Filing training last Friday, November 6, 2015.  In addition to some general information about the E-Filing system CARE, Brody Arishita of the courts provided live demonstrations and explanations of various aspects of how to perform certain actions in the system.

While the system is live now (in other words you don't have to wait until December 1, 2015 to begin E-Filing on your cases), there are still enhancements that would make the system easier.  The following is a list of enhancements that the PDA is passing onto the E-Filing team for consideration.  If you have additional items, you can comment here or contact Kate Hansen at kate@parentaldefense.org.

1.  Rather that simply search by the name of the child, it would be helpful for parental defense attorneys to be able to search by parent name.
2.  When adding difference cases/children to a particular filing, it would be helpful to have a check box available, rather than adding them manually.
3.  It would be helpful if the contact information for counsel and state workers were available in the system, such as GALs, AGs or caseworkers.
4.  On the search page it would be helpful to be able to change the default from A-A to A-Z.
5.  On the MyCalendar page, it would be helpful to be able to search for a date range rather than just look at one day at a time.
6.  A file repository in the system would be helpful, particularly when there are multiple users in a firm.
Thanks to all who attended and especially the court staff--Katie Gregory, Krista Airam, and Brody Aristita-- for coming!

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